My husband and I considered doing a re-finance loan with this company but after receiving another offer decided to go with another company. We contacted the loan officer and thanked him and told him we didn't wish to go further with the company.

Of coarse the gentlemen refused to take no for an answer and after trying to converse with this man we eneded up hanging up. Daily they still call us and we tell them No thank you and we are not interested, talking over them because they want to talk over us to hear what they have to say. Today they called me 3 times repeatedly after after I had to hang up on him, after I told them no, no thank you, please stop calling us. I even told them it was becoming harrassing what they were doing and I was going to record the phone call from here on out.

The lack of professionalism with just the phone calls I receive is enough for me to be satisfied that I never let them get their hands on my money and deal with them monthly for a mortgage loan. Beware People, Beware!

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